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Kiehl’s Philanthropic Activities Undertaken

Kiehl’s has a long-standing history of corporate social responsibility in the welfare of the local communities. Since its inception in India, Kiehl’s has continued to work at the local level to support organizations in the community.Kiehl’s believes in the saying ‘better skin leads better community’ and has partnered with organizations such as CRY, Teach for India and Autism Centre for Excellence (ACE) over the years.


Make Life Brighter with Kiehl’s — A #SchoolNaChhoote Initiative in Association with CRY

October 20, 2021— Kiehl’s, a global skincare brand, has stepped up to the responsibility and joined hands with CRY (Child Rights & You) to bring a change. CRY has launched a bridge course programme, wherein children studying in classes VI – XII in marginalized communities are enabled to reconnect with education and given the necessary nudge to go back to school.

Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, over 1.5 million schools have shut down affecting nearly 2.47 million children enrolled in elementary and secondary schools in India. With an ever increasing dropout rate, child labour in vulnerable communities is at an all-time high. Kiehl’s recognises that intervention to ensure children’s education is the need of the hour and has hence volunteered to facilitate fundraising for the bridge course programme.

Under the initiative children are supported to cope with their studies and stay in school, further reducing the rate of dropping out, child labour and child marriage. The bridge course programme is run using digital tablets that are allotted to qualified teachers. These study sessions, attended by groups of children from the same or neighboring villages, aim to equip children with the necessary skills and encourage the re-joining and resuming of studies.

As part of the initiative to Make Life Brighter, Kiehl’s India, hosted a fundraising event at CRY’s R. K. Puram branch in New Delhi. The event included an arts and crafts competition for children supported by CRY and the winning artwork was printed on Kiehl’s thank you cards. These thank you cards was distributed to customers with each purchase enabling them to donate to CRY. The thank you cards contained a QR code linking them to the donation page, making it easy and accessible to help make life better with Kiehl’s.


Since its inception in India, Kiehl’s has continued to work at the local level to support organizations in its community. In celebration of the brand’s 168th Anniversary, Kiehl’s India , with its long history of standing for social causes and CRY, in its four decade- long journey to make it a better place for children, have come together for the campaign #HealTheScars for the year 2019. Both Kiehl’s and CRY believe that One Child Less At Work Is One Child More At School. As part of the campaign, Kiehl’s is donating $2 of each unit sold of its bestseller Ultra Facial Cream to CRY India to support the cause and aims at reducing child labour by sending around 6500+ underprivileged children back to school.

“Forced by poverty and the absence of basic living amenities, these children are forced to start earning from a very young age and we at Kiehl’s strongly believe that only access to quality education can make a big difference in their lives. One child less at work is one child more at school. With this initiative we hope to curb the curse of child labor by sending more and more children back to school.” Shikhee Agrawal, AVP, Kiehl’s.

“CRY is delighted to partner with Keihl’s. CRY for last 4 decades has been working relentlessly to ensure happy and healthy life to children. We firmly believe that ensuring right to education goes a long way in reducing the magniture of child labour. This partnership will give more strength to our efforts in mainstreaming our children into education and thereby reduce child labour,” says Kreeanne Rabadi, Regional Director CRY-West.

An actress, a philanthropist and a mother Neha Dhupia came in support of #HealTheScars. She visited the Sparsha Charitable Trust, CRY project in Sion, Mumbai and spent a day with the children at the facility. Here is what she had to say “The biggest wealth that anyone can have and no one can take away from you is the wealth of education. It is amazing that when I wanted to reach out and help, I stumbled upon like minded people that is Kiehl’s and CRY. All you have to do is be the reason a child goes to school. I’m indeed privileged to have associated with this campaign because I truly believe that one child less at work is one child more in school and #HealTheScars celebrates the true spirits of a protected childhood and pledges to champion education for every child.”

HIV/AIDS research


HIV/AIDS research


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With Kiehl’s customer centric heritage and decade old commitment to local communities, this year Kiehl’s India has contributed towards Philanthropic endeavor for the cause of autism. On that occasion Kiehl’s collaborated with Swara Bhaskar to support this cause Autism Centre for Excellence (ACE), Gurugram based school. Since autism is indeed a global issue. Kiehl’s worked on a partnership the newer mission of Autism Speaks which really speaks to all of us on a very personal front and from a perspective of a parent who is trying to circumnavigate these waters.

Kiehl’s with SwaraBhaskar partnered to begin serving the community with its world-renowned fine quality skin care at its new flagship store of the Future in Gurugram

As a part of this association, Kiehl’s India donated 1% the sales made of the Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream to the cause of Autism to ACE.

To zenith the exultant accomplishments, the Bollywood actress SwaraBhaskar was benevolent enough and mentioned Kiehl’s is an absolutely phenomenal brand when it comes to both skincare and philanthropy and she feels fortunate to have been able to be part of the launch of their Ambience Mall Gurugram flagship store and to honour the cause of Autism, by launching the limited addition Ultra Facial Cream.

With the Kiehl’s product and its 11th store launch this particular collaboration embarked the brand on a new journey altogether towards a better India with an unpremeditated advancements for the local communities and under advantaged groups of the country.

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To commemorate the 5th Anniversary of Kiehl’s India collaborated with Teach For India which is a nationwide movement of outstanding college graduates and young professionals who commit 2 years of their lives to teach full-time in under-resourced schools and who become lifelong leaders working from within various sectors towards the pursuit of equity in education.

Kiehl’s associated with the philanthropist Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia and launched their special edition Ultra Facial Cream which is also an iconic Kiehl’s formulation loved by customers around the globe. Globally, Kiehl’s sells 7 Ultra Facial Creams per minute. In India, 10 Ultra Facial Creams are sold per day enriched with continuous moisture replenishment throughout the day.

Kiehl’s philanthropic activities have always been an integral part of its DNA since 1851. Abiding by its mission one must “contribute to make better citizens, better firms, better communities and better societies at large.” To that end, Kiehl’s focuses through civic and environmental initiatives alongside customer sponsorships and localized events.

With the mission in our heart, the Kiehl’s Limited Edition project in India underlines their time-honored commitment to philanthropy, science and education. To memorialize its 5th Anniversary in India, Kiehl’s has partnered with actress Neha Dhupia and Teach For India to establish ‘Kiehl’s Gives’ – an enduring global initiative to promote philanthropy. For the first time in India, the brand had retailed a special edition of their Ultra Facial Cream – the world’s favourite moisturizer –100% net proceeds from which (up to INR 7,00,000), had been given to Teach For India in February 2016 to educate underprivileged children in the country.

Kiehl’s, alongside with Teach For India and Neha Dhupia endorsed to bring an end to India’s educational crisis. With this collaboration Kiehl’s tirelessly worked towards bridging the gaps and challenges that underprivileged children face in education. The lives of these kids, and fostering optimism and making education a human right,” says Neha Dhupia.

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